Marie Louise Frifelt 

Multimedia designer

Born: 4 / 5  1982

Mail: frifelt@live.dk

On this page you can read more about my academic education and on the creative courses I have attended, my work experience and other experiences.


2005/08 – 2007/07 VUC Hillerød HF single courses.

2008-2012: Completed courses at Copenhagen University:

  • Dramaturgy
  • Theatre History 1
  • Aesthetics and Philosophy of Science
  • Group dynamics
  • Theatre analysis
  • Ancient philosophy
  • theoretical philosophy
  • practical philosophy
  • Religion History 1

2015-2017:  Educated at Multimedia design at KEA.

Creative Courses

1998/08 – 1999/07  Engholm School Allerød 10th grade Drama Line

2001/01 – 2002/06 Drama and filmdaghøjskolen the drama line.
Teaching in the disciplines: Dance, expressive movement and choreography, acting techniques, improvisation, script and performance work, music theory, voice training, choral and solo singing, studio recording, production and shooting technique, dramaturgy and videoediting.

2002/09 – 2003/06 Scandinavian Theatre School.
Introduction to the theater profession. FUU theater foundation course in acting technique, voice training, singing, movement, stage combat, theater history and children’s theater.

2003/08 – 2003/12 Borup Højskole.
FUU course with courses in computer studies, art, film, music, theater, history, philosophy and literature.

2004/02 – 2004/06 Borup Højskole.
Veteran course with subjects in the photo, visual arts and film. Working with SLR and printing images on paper.

2013/04 – 2013/04 DATS – National Association of Theatre Association.
Course by Maria Rosenhjerte. Introductory course to act as the local supervisor in the use of competences.


2005/01 – 2005/08: Teaching assistant at Lynge school and SFO Åkanden.

2007/01 – 2008/02: Sales assistant in Jack Pot Hillerød

2009/01 – 2010/12: Sales assistant in Kvickly Allerød.

2011/05 – 2012/08: Web text editing in Allerød Lamps for Allerød.

2013/06 – 2014/06: Nursery assistant at Lynge school and SFO Åkanden.

Other experience

2004/04 – now: Allerød Amateur Theatre. Volunteering as a director, screenwriter, songwriter, actor and Chairman of the local theater society.

2014/03 – now: FAK DATS. Board member of DATS (National Association of Theatre Association) Frederiksborg circuit. Support for cultural and associations within theater and music. Administration of aid applications.

2009/05 – now: Recording vocals in Ziggophon study in Randers and various vocal recordings and music collaborate over the Internet.