Internship at Christianshavns Kvarter

At CK I worked with movies in these areas:

  • Finding the stories
  • Contacting people/places
  • Arranging interviews
  • Planning the filming
  • Getting the equipment ready
  • Filming places
  • Interviewing
  • Editing the material
  • Making storyboards and other schedules for the editing and shooting
  • Uploading finished movies and integrating them on website
  • Uploading movies for showtime on tv.



I worked on different projects at CK. On some of them I was behind the camera. On some of them I was the interviewer. And on some of them I edited the program.

We had a very fluid workflow as you cannot control when the stories come rolling in. Some times I is Christianshavns Kvarter who seek out the stories. And some times people from Christianshavn contact CK with a story or with the opening of a new show/exibit/restaurant or something else.

Her is their site:



Ghosts in Christianshavn

On my final project, Ghosts In Christianshavns (Spøgelser på Christianshavns) I was the project leader and did all of the above. I planned a special Halloween edition for CK wich was send on TV at Halloween.

My project ‘Spøgelser på Christianshavn’:



Copenhagen Contemporary

Copenhagen Contemporary is a new museum located on Papirøen (Paper Island) on Christianshavns. We did a 15 minutes tv spot on the place and I also did a one minut edit for them that they requested, for an invite to the museum for people from Christianshavn.

The one minute invite I did:

In the full tv spot I have done the editing and I am also the voice over and the interviewer. I enjoyd interviewing  Jens Erik Sørensen a lot and Copenhagen Contemporary is a very exiting museum for art in the large scale.

The full TV-Spot:

Nursing homes in Christianshavn

Ninna Thomsen, mayor in Copenhagen, visited the senior housing called ‘Volboligerne’ on Christianshavn. Here she had a talked with the people living there. The topic was “When will we have nursing homes in Christianshavn? The elderly people who have lived in Christianshavn for maybe most of their lives are forced to move to other parts of Copenhagen when they need to move to a nursing home. They have to move away from every thing and every one that they know and care fore.

We did an interview with Ninna Thomsen and with Per Østergaard and others from Voldboligerne.

I did most of the fill-photos of Voldboligerne and I was one of the interviewers and the voice over. I did a pre-editing of the material and then my colleague Simon did the final editing while I was working on another project.

The full TV spot: