For many years I have been doing volunteer work in ‘Allerød Amateur Theater’.

I started in the association as an actor in 2003. In 2005, I directed my first play, and I have worked as a director since then. I have written 12 plays and directed 15 performances. I have composed music for many of the performances. And I’ve also played as an actor in some of the performances.


Working in front of, on and behind the stage is some of what I enjoy most in life. On the amateur theater you really get nerves on edge. And you learn to deal with very complex situations in a fruitful way.



My plays are always based on the association’s crew at the time. Who are we? What do we want? And what do we need? The three questions are always asked, before we start on a new idea.

Who are we; This question is about the count of men and women, children, adolescents and adults. It is about labor and creative energy.

What we want; This is about how the mood among the participating is. Is there a comedy, a tragedy or a social realistic idea on the way?


What we want; This question is mostly about what we last worked with. If we have had a long season with many demanding theater exercises then we might need a light and uplifting experience as a small Christmas comedy. However, if we’ve played lots of fantasy and other genres with fluffy characters, then most of our actors feels up to the challenge in deeper characters.


Sometimes I write a show where I create the universe, the plot and the characters. And sometimes we start out with improvising actors’ characters, and then I write a play based on their wishes.


Over the years I have  developed a number of theater exercises, that fit the amateur theater. In a voluntary association such as this, you have to make sure that the participants are adapting. While ensuring that all are challenged to the degree that will motivate them best. My exercises are challenging, but they can be challenging in different degrees, depending on how one engages in them. We combine exercises and practicing the script. I choose exercises that fit what we need to practice and the idea we have to play.

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The Enneagram

The last eighteen months we have worked with the teachings of the Enneagram. This teaching is about deciding human personalities into 9 types. These types we use on stage for improvisation and exercises.

In 2015, I wrote the show ‘KLOKKEN’ which is about how 9 people for various reasons become stranded in a waiting room. In the show, we follow these persons development. The story gets forced into the bizarre, because of the interaction between the different personality types.

We have been very pleased to work with the Enneagram types and use them still in exercises and in the character creation process.


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